Four years ago, the Covenant House's debut Chef's Challenge fundraiser was a modest dinner in the Clay Center's small Walker Theater. It has grown some. 

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Meet Me on the Bridge
03/08/11 - Hundreds of colorful participants clamber onto the South Side Bridge as part of a worldwide celebration of International Women's Day and an inspiring meeting on a bridge on behalf of the rights of women worldwide. Video and story

ff Where Puppets Rule
03/02/11 - Sassafras Junction opens the area's only walk-in puppet theater in November 2010 in downtown St. Albans. Video and story
ff Feast of Beasts
02/23/01 - Intrepid feature reporter Bill Lynch samples the fare at the annual Critter Dinner. Alligator? Thumbs up! Frog legs? Not so much. Video
ff What I Can Recite
02/05/11 - We asked readers to tell us what they can still recite from schooldays - then filmed some of them trying. Video and story
ff To Go
02/01/2011 - The orders come fast and furious but there's Carina Kwok at Main Kwo, who probably knows your usual. Video and story.
ff Model Citizens
01/30/11 - The Flying Hillbillies take to the skies with model aiplanes that let members of the Putnam County club soar. Video and story
ff Pill-iamson
01/22/11 - Prescription drug abuse got so bad in Williamson, W.Va., they called it 'Pilliamson,' as authorities crack down. Video and story
ff Policing the Police
12/26/10 - Roger Wolfe recounts a beating at the hands of the W.Va. State Police in Gary Harki's 'Policing the Police' series. Video and story.
ff The Beat Keeps On
12/13/10 - Percussionist Nery Arevalo brings his Latin beats back to Charleston, in clubs, schools and workshops. Video and story
ff 400 Santas
12/22/10 - Anne Weeks has more Santas than you decorating her holiday home. Way, way more. Video and story.
ff 16 Trees
12/11/10 - This East End couple has a thing for Christmas trees - 16 of them, in fact, around their Charleston home. Video and story
ff Yo-yo-yo
11/27/10 - Isaac Sams of Buckhannon hopes to spin his wheels to worldwide glory. Video and story.
ff String Theory
11/07/10 - Frederick Myer brings the violins and cellos and teaches for free - the kids just need to bring enthusiasm. Video and story.
ff Vu Ja De
People told him he would never be able to grow a good crop of wine in West Virginia. Bryan M. George is proving them wrong. Video and story
ff Make me a Zombie
10/27/10 - Aspiring makeup magician Chris Woodall got into doing movie monster style makeup as a kid. He's still at it and zombifies a reporter. Video and story
ff Jupiter's Children
10/09/10 - A visit to the phantasmagoric home and busy studio of one of West Virginia's most colorful artists, Charles Jupiter Hamilton. Video and story.
ff Into the Stalks
10/06/10 - An intrepid reporter wanders into the Milton corn maze but takes a little while getting back out of the 8-acre labyrinth. VIdeo and story.
ff Bottled Up
09/14/10 - A state Capitol rally dances in support of a Bottle Bill with a Recycle Mountain of recyclables from area roadways. Video and story.
ff Last Milkshake
09/02/10 - Lunch customers flock for a final meal at Blossom Deli as chef Bill Sohovich shuts up shop in downtown Charleston. Video and story.
ff Teaspoon's Time
08/30/10 - Felisha Chase's rapping alter ego, 'Teaspoon,' takes the prize at the 2010 Stringband Fest. First she had to find a band. Video and story.
ff Pick of the Litter
08/19/10 - The twenty-something founders of are on a two-year mission to pick up litter across America. Video and story.
ff A Chat with Jerry West
07/31/10 - Jerry West made his fame with a larger ball, but his star power still shone at the Greenbrier Classic. Video and story.
ff A PGA tradition hangs on
07/31/10 - Dave Koenig keeps alive a tradition from the PGA's pre-digital past: the handwritten scoreboard. Video and Story
ff A 'Classic" Guide
07/30/10 - A walking tour of the Greenbrier Classic that tells how to get on the PGA Tour and when to keep quiet. Video and Story
ff Jim and the Jackpot
07/29/10 - Greenbrier owner Jim Justice explains his 'Classic' $1 million hole-in-one jackpot, as a PGA golfer almost nails one. Video and Story
ff 'Old' is old again
07/25/10 - The Greenbrier's Old White course was restored to its historic contours just in time for a PGA Tour visit. Video and Story
ff Helping Hands
07/08/10 - Memphis Grizzlies guard O.J. Mayo bankrolls an effort to hand out food to needy area families. Video and story.
ff Recalling Robert C. Byrd
07/02/10 - Presidents Obama and Clinton eulogize Sen. Robert C. Byrd. Video and story.(Also: Byrd Special Section)

Byrd Watching
06/28/10 - A visit to Robert C. Byrd's hometown to talk to residents about his death. Video and story. (Also: Byrd Special Section)

ff A Black Diamond
06/24/10 - Profile of a West Virginia black man who sings just like one of America's whitest singers. Video and story.
ff Flower Power
05/26/10 - A visit to Capitol Market in Charleston, W.Va., where you can find everything from Big Boy tomatoes to Corsican mint. Video and story.
ff Name of the Fame
05/23/10 - A musical visit to the West Virginia Music Hall of Fame's first permanent exhibit at Tamarack. Story | Slideshow.
ff Free Spirits
05/16/10 - A new small-batch Greenbrier County distillery cooks up hometown bottlings of vodka, gin, whiskey and bourbon Story and video
ff Art of the Interstate
05/02/10 - Ellie Schaul's Art Store show portrays the impact of the coming of the highway through the heart of Charleson. Story and video
ff Behind the scenes
04/25/10 - What happens to the stuff you drop off at the recycling center? A look behind the scenes. Story and video
ff Speaking Up
04/22/10 - A discharged West Virginia soldier comes to Charleston to speak in support of repealing the 'Don't Ask-Don't Tell' policy. Story and video
ff Miner Memorial
04/15/10 - A memorial slideshow to the 29 men killed in the April 5, 2010 Upper Big Branch Massey Mine explosion. Slideshow
ff Food Revolutionary
04/15/10 - British chef Jamie Oliver wraps up his "Food Revolution" ABC series in with a final day of events in Kenova, W.Va. Story and video
ff Dance This Way
04/08/10 - How to respond to the hateful provocation of the notorious Westboro Baptist Church protesters? How about a flash mob? Story and video
ff Eagles Eyes
03/20/10 - Some good environmental news: a bald eagle nest in the New River Gorge yields two baby 'bobbleheads Story and video
ff Art of Lent
03/19/10 - A St. Albans Methodist church adds a visual twist to Lent with an artistic Stations of the Cross. Story and video
ff Moving the Music
03/11/10 - After 12 years, Ron Sowell's open mic night moves to the new Unity Church in a classic old locale in the South Hills. Story and video
ff Bowden talks
03/04/10 - Former WVU coach Bobby Bowden, one of college football's winningest coaches, speaks at Prayer Breakfast. Story and video
ff Canstruction 2010
03/03/10 - Architectural firms and students vie for the best "can-structions" in a Covenant House benefit. Story and video
ff Trailblazers
02/28/10 - A look back at the first African-American officers on the Charleston Police Department force. Story and video
ff Face Time
02/28/10 - At the Alban Arts and Conference Center, the art of makeup prepares you for the stage. Story and video
ff Snow Days
02/12/10 - A homage to the memorable snows of 2009-10, through staff photos, video and the soothing tune "Snowdance." Story and video.
ff In 'The Tomb'
02/07/10 - The pharoahs lives on in Huntington where Ken Fox of Magic Makers harbors a fascination with Egypt's Valley of the Kings. Story and video.
ff Grace the Space
01/30/10 - A tour of classic and contemporary stained glass in Charleston, from Tiffany to Chris Dutch. Story and slideshow.
ff In a Stew
01/27/10 - The secrets of Yugoslavian Fish Stew are revealed by the co-owner of Joe's Fish Market, who makes it every day. Story and video.
ff Walking to the office
01/19/10 - A 23-year-old West Virginian walks 40 miles to file for office to show voters he's in it for the long stroll... um, haul. Story and video
ff Favorite Photos
01/07/10 - A musical slideshow with nearly 70 favorite photos by Gazette staff photographers Slideshow
ff Decade in Review
12/23/09 - Part 2 of a narrated slideshow at headlines in the first decade of the 21st century. Stories and videos
ff Decade in Review
12/23/09 - Part 1 of a look through the headlines of 2000-2006 in West Virginia and national news. Stories and video
ff Reader Photos 2009
12/30/09 - Some favorite reader photos from 2009 sent to the Gazette, set to "Andante Quieto." Story and audio slideshow.
ff A Good Year
12/27/09 - Renee Montgomery is the 2009 Gazette Sportsperson of the year - and what a year it was for the basketball star. Story and video
ff Deputy Dogs
12/06/09 - The relationship between handler and dog is key to the success of the Kanawha County Sheriff's Department's canine unit. Story and video
ff Into Africa
11/29/09 - A Charleston nurse escapes the mundane with frequent trips to Africa, camera in hand. Story and slideshow
ff Lord of the Scenery
11/21/09 - New Zealand is a place of stunning beauty. Not to mention where the wargs hung out. Story and slideshow
ff Ritual Place?
11/15/09 - A complex of 53 mysterious rock cairns is found on a rural West Virginia farm. Was it an American Indian ritual site? Story and video.
ff ArtWorks
11/06/09 - Deborah McHenry had to do something after a local teen she knew was gunned down. Start
ff A Wild Place
10/25/09 - Simply getting to West Virginia's new 6,030-acre Spice Run wilderness area is an adventure in itself. Start
ff Nubians on the Nile
10/25/09 - Treasures from a kingdom that thrived more than 5,000 years ago are on display at a Clay Center exhibit up through April 2010. Start
ff Autumn Snap
10/16/09 - Charleston Gazette photographers Chip Ellis and Kenny Kemp fan out to capture the state's bounty of fall colors. Start
ff Sign of the Fig
10/15/09 - The Charleston-based alternative performance duo Sign of the Fig is not just making noise. Start
ff Close Up
10/13/09 - Selected photos by long-time Gazette photographer Larry Pierce, a witness to state's history. Start
ff Sad Farewell
09/17/09 - Hundreds of officers attend funeral of Charleston Patrolman Jerry Jones, killed by "friendly fire" Sept. 13, 2009. Start
ff Majorette Festival
09/23/09 - Sights and sounds from the 2009 Daily Mail Kanawha Valley Majorette and Band Festival. Start
ff Got Shoneys?
09/16/09 - A memorial to the Shoney's chain looks back at its early days as Charleston's Parkette. - Start
ff Festivall 2009
06/17/09 - Stroll the Summer 2009 FestivALL Charleston arts, culture and music festival in locations all across town. - Start
Mountain Protest
06/17/09 - Daryl Hannah and NASA climate scientist James Hansen arrested at W.Va. mine protest..- Start
Bridging the Gap
06/17/09 - Key gap filled in on construction of record-setting I-64 bridge span near Charleston, W.Va..- Start
Playing ball
06/05/09 - A slideshow of photos from the 2009 state baseball tournament - Start
Miss Pride 2009
06/03/09 - An on stage and off-stage look at the 2009 Miss Rainbow Pride of West Virginia pageant.- Start
Class AAA Track
05/22/09 - Highights from the 2009 state track & field championship in Charleston, W.Va. - Start
Magic Makers
04/26/09 - What began in Huntington as a teensy magic shop 30 years ago, is now a costume shop to the world.- Start
3 Bayer feedback
4/23/09 - Residents turn out to chastize Bayer for a deadly plant explosion masked in delays and secrecy - Start
b Dance this way
4/17/09 - Local celebs try their hand at hot-footing it in a 'Dancing with the Stars' symphony fundraiser - Start
carbide_blowup All fall down
3/28/09 - Blowing up a storied Union Carbide building becomes an explosive, memorable event- Start
d Art a big draw
3/22/09 - Every week, instructor Arthur Evans and his students join the folks at Edgewood to paint, learn and share ideas. - Start
gary bowling's house of art House of Art
3/08/09 - The always-fresh Gary Bowling's House of Art enlivens Bluefield.with a playful destination - Start
Canstruction Canstruction
2/25/09 -Architects and engineers raise support and canned sculptures for the local food pantry - play video
The Squire Smokin' Place
2/21/09 - The Squire is a cigar and tobacco store, but it's also a community.- Start
Century Closes After it closes
2/20/09 - Workers at Ravenswood's Century Aluminum look at options for work after the plant closes.- Play video
Lois Smith Woman of Achievement Lois Smith
2/3/09 - Domestic violence survivor Lois Smith counsel women in crisis.- Play video
Chemical Valley Rollergirls Roller Derby comes to Kanawha Valley
1/25/09 - Meet the Chemical Valley Rollergirls- Play video
Obama Inauguration In the crowd for President Obama's Inauguration
1/20/09 - What it was like to be there for a defining moment in history- Play
Inauguration Voices Inauguration Voices
1/13/09 - What does it mean to see the first black president of the U.S.?- Play
Year In Review 2008: Year in Review
12/23/08 - An interactive look back at 2008 - Play
myvoicemyvote Election 2008: Picking a president
11/1/08 - We asked a host of people downtown to explain their pick for president - Start

Farmington: A Look
back 40 years later

10/20/08 - Families and friends recall the 1968 Farmington Mine Disaster in which 78 miners died - Start

Bridge Day 2008
10/18/08 - A photo gallery of spectacular jumps and sights at the New River Gorge Bridge- Start
blocktable And they all fall down. Again...
10/11/08 - What happens when you mix a lot of kids with a whole lot of blocks? - Play Video
Travis Riddle Travis Riddle & the Bourbon St. Sound
10/2/08 - Displaced jazz musician Travis Riddle brings his music from New Orleans to West Virginia.- Play Video
Band Festival 2008 Majorette and Band Festival
9/23/08 - Highlights of the majorette and band festival at Laidley Field.- Start
Jennifer Garner Jennifer Garner at U. of Charleston
9/19/08 - Jennifer Garner interviewed during her fundraising trip for the University of Charleston. - Play Video
Bobby Labonte Bobby Labonte at Pratt Elementary
9/18/08 - Racecar driver Bobby Labonte helps raise money for Pratt Elementary's playground. - Play Video
Strongest Man Strong Stuff at Strong Man Contest
9/08/08 - Who will end up the World's Strongest Man? - Start
Frostop Drive-In A Drive-In Visit across West Virginia
9/07/08 - Visit some of W.Va.'s remaining drive-ins. - Start

In Harmony with the
Harmonica Club

9/06/08 - Just put your lips together and blow at Harmonica Club. - Start

Church Walk Taking a Church Walk in Charleston
8/23/08 - Take this tour of six notable Charleston churches. - Start
bank_robber Hidden: On the trail of a bank robber
8/3/08 - Interactive feature on the life and death of a serial bank robber. - Start
Glamazon The Glamazon
7/12/08 - WWE Diva Glamazon Beth Phoenix on what it takes. - Play Video
festivall08 FestivALL 2008
6/30/08 - Photos and music from the citywide arts and culture festival. - Start
Cicadas Looking for Love
6/17/08 - The return of the periodic cicadas is a love story. - Start
W.Va. Primary Photos
5/13/08 - Photos from West Virginia's primary election.
- Start
Airport Mock Disaster
5/10/08 - airport stages a mock plane crash with casualties to test readiness. Photos
- Start
Willow Island Revisited
4/27/08 - Thirty years after the Willow Island disaster, family and friends remember.
- Start
Ramp Dinner
4/20/08 - Photos from the 15th annual Knights of Pythias Ramp Dinner.
- Start
Elephant Walk
4/16/08 - Elphants and horses from Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus take a stroll through the city to announce that the circus is in town.
- Start
West Virginia Power Home Opener
4/7/08 - Photos from the West Virginia Power home opener.
- Start
bill_clinton Bill Clinton in Chesapeake
3/27/08 - Former President Bill Clinton stumps locally for his wife
. - Start
The Cost of War
3/16/08 - Stan and Shirley White talk about the loss of their son, who had recently returned from Iraq.
- Play video
Bare Bones
2/17/08 - A capella Charleston trio Bare Bones harmonizes on Mountain Stage. - Start
West Virginia Skies
2/11/08 - A musical tour of West Virginia skies and sunsets. - Start
Sago mine disaster remembrance
1/02/08 - A musical journey through images from Sago during the disaster in 2006. - Start
Polar Plunge
1/26/08 - Gazette reporter/blogger Bill Lynch takes an icy dive for the Special Olympics - Play video
Rough N' Rowdy Brawl
1/13/08 - Images from the boxing contest at the Charleston Civic Center January 11-12. - Start
81 Violins Later
12/26/07 - Harold Hayslett turns W.Va. trees into music. - Start
Silver Bridge Collapse: 40-year anniversary
12/16/07 - A journalist remembers the night the Silver Bridge collapsed near Point Pleasant. - Start
Monongah mine disaster, 100 years later
12/11/07 - Town hosts ceremony for miners killed in the worst U.S> mine disaster.- Play video
They Make the Music
12/9/07 - W.Va. Music Hall of Fame debuts with famed musicmakers. - Start
Metal Magic
11/21/07 - Mark Blumenstein turns Greenbrier silverware to sculpture.- Start
Sen. Byrd's Southern Kitchen goodbye
10/15/07 - Sen. Byrd visits Southern Kitchen one day before it closes forever. - Start
Mattea on
mountaintop removal
7/12/07 - Country music star Kathy Mattea listens to people’s stories. - Play video
Chalk artist
6/22/07 - World-renowned sidewalk artist works his magic for FestivAll Charleston. - Play video