March 6, 2013
Kanawha sheriff website makes debut
Chris Dorst
Kanawha County Sheriff's Department Cpl. Brian Humphreys and Sarah Chapman, information technology manager for the sheriff's tax office, show off the sheriff's new website. Chapman and Humphreys spent a year developing the site.
Chris Dorst
Sheriff Johnny Rutherford said the site answers questions, provides information about the sheriff's department and allows users to fill out forms, pay their taxes or provide tips on catching criminals.

CHARLESTON, W.Va. -- Starting Thursday, Kanawha County residents will be able to pay their taxes online, check to see if there's an arrest warrant out for their next-door neighbor or email a crime tip to the Kanawha County Sheriff's Department.

The sheriff's department is debuting their new website,, after a year of development.

"It's going to alleviate a lot of phone calls we'd ordinarily get," said Sheriff Johnny Rutherford. "It's just a more efficient way to do business."

On the new website, users can browse menus that include every department within the sheriff's department and what they do, look up contact information, download forms, pay their taxes, email tips and peruse special events and public announcements. Sarah Chapman, information technology manager for the sheriff's tax office, spent the past year working with Cpl. Brian Humphreys of the sheriff's department to help develop the site.

"Parts of it are fairly complex, with all the databases," explained Chapman.

Rutherford said Chapman was able to develop features on the website that don't require more than an extra keystroke or two on the parts of deputies. "It's taking just seconds more to do what we're doing," he said.

Humphreys said the warrants section of the website is one of the most exciting. Users can search the site by regions of the county, or search by name to view active arrest warrants.

Think your neighbor is wanted for a warrant? You can check the site, then call or email the sheriff's department. Not sure if there's a warrant out for your arrest? You can search for your own name, and there's a section of the website that tells you how to turn yourself in.

"We check every warrant the Kanawha County Sheriff's Department has two or three times a week," Rutherford said.

"People make mistakes," he said. "If there's a warrant on you and you didn't know it, you can turn yourself in."

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